Know Your ‘Tender – Anna Manager Kelly Chesna

Anna Manager Kelly Chesna
Anna Manager Kelly Chesna

Anna manager Kelly Chesna, 34, loves helping customers select from Anna’s 25 strains and leaving (and returning) to the Hayden dispensaries with smiles on their faces. We caught up with her to get to know her a little better.

Swillin’: When did you move to Steamboat and what were you doing beforehand?

My husband and I moved to Hayden when we bought our first home together in 2017. I received my Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2011 and spent most of my time since graduation as a bedside nurse in acute care hospital settings. 

Swillin’: What do you like about budtending and what’s your favorite part of the job?

I enjoy cannabis and sharing my joy of it with others—it’s fun. “Show and tell” from our display case is one of my favorite tasks. It’s fun to let people see and smell the buds up close. I love to see customers’ smiles when we land on one they can’t wait to try. I enjoy when locals come into the shop after they’ve had a chance to try a product I’ve recommended, usually for pain or inflammation. It’s gratifying when it exceeds their expectations and improves their quality of life. I’ve had customers successfully use cannabis as an alternative to narcotics after surgery, and that to me is really promising for the future of cannabis. 

Swillin’: What are some of your newer products coming out?

I’m stoked that we offer Lowell Smokes pre-roll joint packs. Sustainable packaging, magnetic closure, matches with match strike, and blend of two to three strains for a reliable and feel-good experience. I have had some very happy customers come back for these.

Swillin’: What would you tell a newcomer to try first?

Finding out how someone prefers to consume is a good place to start. As a customer, the more you can tell me about the experience you’re looking for the better I can recommend products that’ll give you what you want. My general rule of thumb for new users (or new to our altitude) is to start small and give yourself plenty of time to feel the effects. We offer a range of options for new and experienced users. 

Swillin’: Which strains are the most popular?
Colorado Cream Soda (LoCol Love) plus Watermelon Punch (Antero Sciences). Furious George (Twelve Peaks) was one of the most requested and well-loved strains I’ve sold to date. (What can I say? When it’s good, it’s good. And locals love our ounce special bud. As the weather gets nicer, I have more requests for sativa strains. 

Swillin’: What’s the most common question you hear?

Can I and how do I fly with it? The answer is no. Just don’t do it. 

Swillin’: What’s something people don’t know about Anna?  

Come visit us on your birthday for a free one-gram birthday joint (with purchase). Also, Anna, often thought to be my name, is actually named after the word cannabis. 

Swillin’: Favorite hobbies or sports?

In the warmer months, I love camping and spending time on the river fishing with my husband, our dog, and our friends and family.

Swillin’: What do you like about Steamboat?

The wildlife, especially the eagles, moose and elk…it always puts a smile on my face to see them.