A Night of Food & Cannabis

Billo Premium Cannabis dispensary dinner

On a clear and starry night in July, history was made when the Billo Premium Cannabis dispensary hosted Steamboat’s first cannabis consumption event. As the summer sun began its descent behind the surrounding hillside, twenty guests arrived at Elkstone Farm for what was soon to become an unforgettable experience.

Guests were greeted upon arrival by representatives from Keef, Dialed In…, and Green Dot Labs. Each brand ambassador offered samples of their product, information about the cultivars, and general education around the science behind today’s cannabis.

Following a guided tour of the farm including a magical walk-through of the primary greenhouse, guests were led to their tables where they awaited their first of seven courses featuring farm-to-table, gourmet delicacies.

The indulgence to follow was preceded by an introduction of the kitchen staff as well as a personal welcome from Chef Russell Goodman. Goodman spoke about Elkstone’s earth-conscious style of farming. One of the many admirable qualities of Elkstone Farm is their dedication to protecting the environment through regenerative agriculture. As they strive to sustain a positive relationship with the land, the hope is to restore and maintain the biodiversity historically fabled among this region of Colorado.

Billo Premium Cannabis dispensary dinner

This same care and attention to quality is portrayed in the behind-the-scenes realm of the farm’s kitchen. As Chef Russell explained, everything we prepare is created with passion and intention.

One guest noted, “The night’s menu, filled with fresh produce harvested right here, practically brought a tear to my eye. Elkstone has renewed my love of food.”

In a world where everything seems built around efficiency and bulk, the art of slowing down and truly aligning with the earth is something these guests couldn’t help but find refreshing. And the truth was in the taste. Guests enjoyed fresh strawberries and figs picked just hours prior, beef from the free-range cattle that graze the pasture, and herbs grown in the backyard garden.

Throughout the evening, representatives from Billo presented different strains of cannabis flower cultivated locally, to be enjoyed alongside each course. One attendee jokingly (or perhaps not) noted that “Wouldn’t it be great if every restaurant offered a tray of joints and lighters at the beginning of a meal?” Whether or not the flower enhanced the food or the other way around, the combination of the two was unparalleled in both flavor and quality.

As one guest was overheard saying, “Consuming cannabis with strangers is an extraordinary experience. It just feels like I’ve quickly connected with the people I’ve met here tonight. It seems as if there is a genuine flow to the conversation.”

Billo Premium Cannabis dispensary hosted Steamboat’s first cannabis consumption event

Community and connection.

That’s what this event was intended to cultivate.

As the sun finally set, the string lights around the dining area were illuminated to enhance the ambiance of the outdoor space. Live acoustic music continued to play and bolster the warm vibe of the evening. A perfect crescent moon and single star hung above the shadow of the mountain. It felt like a sign of good things to come in the realm of future cannabis consumption events that Billo has planned.

Twenty original strangers left the farm that night with new friends, a broader perspective of our earth, and a goodie bag filled with products from Billo and the evening’s brand reps. In retrospect, the price of the ticket seemed meager in comparison to the richness of the experience.

Billo Premium Cannabis dispensary display

Alongside the Elkstone Farm artisans that practice regenerative agriculture and prepare dishes cooked with soul, Billo has, without a doubt, succeeded in shifting perceptions surrounding cannabis consumption. Gone are the days of taboo stereotypes. Enter gourmet farm-to-table dining, community, and lasting memories bonded even stronger with the addition of Mother Nature’s plant.

Written by Hope Florence

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