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Billo Debuts

Billo Debuts  “Cultivated CuisineEvent

Elkstone Farm in Steamboat’s Strawberry Park will play host in July to Steamboat’s first Cultivated Cuisine cannabis consumption event, brought to you by Billo.

Billo Debuts  "Cultivated Cuisine" Event

A self-sustaining ranch, Elkstone grows nutritious, naturally cultivated fresh produce, making it the perfect host for the event, which is rolling out the red carpet to special guests for its first-ever cannabis/food pairing. Taking place Thursday, July 20 (with a second one anticipated in September), the pairing includes a gourmet, seven-course farm-to-table dinner, combined with intermezzos of cannabis sampling, live acoustic entertainment, educational presentations, farm tour, complimentary transportation and more. Elkstone Farm executive chef Russel Goodman will lead the dinner portion, with Billo experts leading the cannabis pairings. “It’s going to set the bar for what an elevated cannabis experience should be,” says Billo’s Charlie Peddie. “It’s shaping up to be an unforgettable experience.”

Elkstone was quick to climb aboard for the event. “Our sustainable farm is the ideal setting for it,” says manager Marco Lam. “We grow a huge variety of vegetables, fruits, mushrooms and herbs using permaculture principles, and guests will be able to learn about our sustainable practices and discover how we cultivate a thriving ecosystem while enjoying a cultured event with BIllo.” Other partners include THC beverage-maker Keef, concentrate provider Green Dot Labs, edibles company Dialed In, and device company Stundenglass. “With their fresh food and wonderful staff, Elkstone is the ideal setting,” adds Billo’s Wittlinger. “Add the products we’ll pair with their courses and it’s going to be a marquee event.” Info:

What’s on the Menu

Billo Debuts  "Cultivated Cuisine" Event
Billo Debuts “Cultivated Cuisine” Event

Catching up with Elkstone Farm Chef Russel Goodman

“We always write our menus within a week or so of a dinner so we can maximize our fresh harvest. We’ll be serving seven courses of farm-driven, locally sourced food. Historically, we often open with an amuse bouche course, followed by a salad—showcasing the uniqueness of our high-altitude produce. We gently gild our greens with dressings made from the lemons in our greenhouse or our house-crafted kombuchas or red currants from the back porch. Our high altitude results in a sweeter, crisper lettuce, with our salad one of my favorite courses throughout the year—it’s a window into the beating heart of the farm.  

“We often make fresh pasta, with flour made from wheat grown by an organic collective and milled in Boulder and eggs from Hayden Fresh Farm. Combined with our fresh vegetables, our pastas highlight the terroir of our farm. Because the dinner is in late July, we’ll also have a broad range of additional produce, including tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, radishes and more. We’ll also serve beef from the cattle that graze in our fields, as well as chickens from Hayden Fresh Farm and lamb from local producers. And our fish is sourced from throughout the Rocky Mountains.  “A variety of fresh fruits will be available in July for desserts as well, including our amazing strawberries, currants, raspberries, blueberries, cherries and other perennials. Then we’ll finish the meal with mignardises, a traditional last bite of something sweet to close the evening. Think handmade chocolates filled with something special from the farm, or candies made with honey from our beehives.  

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