Change it Up with a Dog Sled Tour

Snow Buddy Dog Sled Tours dog sled with family and cute dogs


Tired of the slopes? Let something with four legs do all the work, with Snow Buddy Dog Sled Tours. The company was started by locals Dan and Sarah Piano in 2011, “with a lot of broken and borrowed stuff and a big dream.” They began in their back yard in Oak Creek with seven dogs they took in from a kennel shutting down in Glenwood Springs. They’ve since kept their promise to build a home and kennel for animals with nowhere else to go, bringing in dogs from all over the world. “Since that first group of rag-tag misfits—ourselves included—we’ve brought in over 100 dogs,” says Sarah, whose headquarters is now a 10-acre compound built to house up to 45 dogs and operates as a refuge for mostly Alaskan Huskies (AKA Heinz 57 supermutts) bred for endurance racing. “Most of the dogs are retired from racing and many are up for adoption.” The company maintains a gorgeous trail on Dunckley Pass in the Little Flat Tops, honoring the sport of mushing. Guests can drive their own teams or go fully guided, while learning about everything from harnessing and hooking up the team to dog care, mushing tips and more. The trips stop at a wall tent secluded deep in Routt National Forest where you can warm up and enjoy complimentary homemade cookies and hot beverages.  Info: