Inside the Truffle Pig Tequila Dinner

Truffle Pig Tequila Dinner Corazon tequila
Truffle Pig Tequila Dinner Corazon tequila

National Tequila Day July 24!

Call it Tequila University…right here in Steamboat. 

What better way to celebrate National Tequila Day on July 24 (yes, there is such a thing) than by heading to Truffle Pig for its annual Truffle Pig Tequila Dinner, where you’ll be saying (or slurring) “arriba” aplenty.

The pairing does what Truffle Pig does best: combine delicious drinks and eats, this time focusing on tequila unions with a six-course tasting menu paired with unique pours of its coveted Single Barrel Select Tequilas, amongst others, as well as a handful of scrumptious, tequila-based cocktails. “It’s one of my favorite days of the entire summer,” says owner Scott Engelman. 

Those in attendance are seated at family-style tables, complete with a shot and appetizer awaiting, while your tequila sommeliers, including Engelman and reps straight from the distillery in Mexico, give short educational seminars up front. Each time a new course is served, you’re also served a new tequila, complete with a lesson from the experts on what makes it so good and unique. “This year we’re focused on our single barrel program and expressions from different haciendas,” says Engelman, adding that it’s all aged in bourbon barrels, including casks from Buffalo Trace, Sazerac Rye and more. This year’s they’ll also focus on heralded Corazón tequila from the Sazerac family, as well as Silver and Extra Anejos. 

Truffle Pig Tequila Dinner Corazon tequila
Truffle Pig Tequila Dinner Corazon tequila

True tequila, you might learn from the pairing, is the oldest spirit in North America, dating back to the 16th Century. And it has to come from a certain region in Mexico, the same area where mariachi music originated, and is made from 100 percent blue weber agave, which takes seven years to grow. It also has to meet certain aging requirements: Blanco is aged zero to three months; Repazado three months to one year; Anejo one to three years; and Extra Anejo three years plus. The real stuff, Engelman adds, grows above 4,600 feet in elevation in the region’s rich volcanic soils.

Whatever your tastes, they’re sure to be placated at the pairing, with Truffle Pig’s executive chefs whipping up courses that mesh with every sip. And if you can’t make this one (seatings are limited to 50), take heart: Truffle Pig is planning to host another Tequila and Tapas tasting in September, as well as specialty wine and spirits dinners throughout the year. Info: