Best Jacket-fitting Sandwiches!

Laraine Martin with sunset and Grass Sticks hat

We all know those do-it-yourselfers who lug their own meals around on the mountain, pulling a sandwich out of a vest pocket or a frozen, jaw-breaking PowerBar from their bib on the chair. And we’re jealous as hell because we didn’t do it ourselves. But you’re not going to pull a Sloppy Joe out of your coat. Fear not, fellow BYOers; following are a few hints from vendors in the trenches as to what fits where best:

Yampa Valley Sandwich Co.

For Yampa Valley Sandwich Co. co-owner Dave Pepin, it’s salami on the slopes. “My favorite pocket sandwich is the Dolomite,” he says. “It’s very European by design and is perfect for skiing or riding. Served on a French baguette, dry-aged Italian salami and prosciutto are complemented by sharp provolone cheese and roasted red peppers. “The combo packs a mouth-watering punch,” he says. “Simple ingredients, tons o’ flavor.” He also likes their curry chicken salad sandwich, The Bushwhacker, wrapped in a flour tortilla with fresh cranberry chutney. “The sweet chutney satisfies that craving you get after shredding pow all day,” he says. “And both pack well inside a jacket.”

Cruiser’s Sub Shop

Cuban for a Coat: Cruisers’ Cuban might look messy, but it all gets pressed so it fits in your pocket.  

According to Cruiser’s owner Kris Shea, the jacket snack award, hats off, goes to its Cuban. “It’s the best option because it’s pressed,” he says, adding its waxed paper wrap staves off dripping grease. “It fits in a vest pocket perfectly.” He adds that they’ll also “be getting aggressive with our breakfast sammies this season,” which you can order online the night before and schedule your morning pickup time (hint: try the Morningside or Wakeup Call).

Gondola Joe’s

Its perch in the corner building might be long gone, but longtime locals’ fave Gondola Joe’s is back in action this winter, serving up made-for-the-chair breakfast and lunch sammies. Its most popular is the aptly-named Lifty, featuring fried eggs, bacon, smoked ham, gruyere, cheddar jack and chipotle aioli; or try its new melts, including the Perfect Pair with roasted pears, caramelized onion jam, bacon and Swiss cheese. Hint: Ask for a double wrap to keep the grease at bay on the gondo. 

Wild Plum Market

Burritos fit in any jacket pocket (except those ones on the sleeve). And there’s no more convenient one for schralping than the BB (Breakfast Burrito) at Wild Plum Market near the base of the mountain. Jammed with scrambled eggs, hash browns, bacon, sausage or smoked salmon, and jack and American cheese, all wrapped tight in a tortilla, it turns your coat into a veritable fuel conveyor. Note: Skip the green chili if you don’t want to leave a trail. For a veggie option, swap the meat for arugula, and roasted red peppers and tomatoes.

Up Close and Personal with a Pocket Snacker

Case Study: Laraine Martin

“I love a good pocket snack,” says closet pocket-snacker extraordinaire Laraine Martin, who heads up Routt County Riders when not regaling others with her pocketing prowess. So much so, in fact, that she actually adjusts her wardrobe accordingly to maximize her portable food on the slopes. Below, she shares a few of her snacking secrets.

“I can’t do breakfast when the pow day alarm clock goes off; I need to ease into it. So, I’ve gotten pretty creative at bringing sustenance on the slopes. 

“Actually, I wear a Whatvest at the resort specifically because it has a lot of pockets for snacks. I like to be able to open up my vest flaps in the lift line and offer up a wide variety of treats to my ski companions. 

“While I love a good bag of crispy bacon, in the past I’ve made a mistake or two with snack choices. Once, on a powder day, I packed a couple of soft-boiled eggs (in the shell, thinking it’d be protective) in my pockets. After a few deep pow somersaults, the eggs turned scrambled. No bueno. 

“I always spend Sundays with the ‘premade burrito assembly line’ — wrapping up 15-20 homemade breakfast burritos in tinfoil and then tossing them in the freezer. On a powder morning, you stick it in the microwave (sans tinfoil) for a few minutes and then stick a few in your jacket pocket for later. It’s great to pull them out for friends.

“I love all Honey Stinger products, but you have to be careful with which ones go in the pocket. Waffles will freeze solid on a cold day. The chews tend to keep a bit more squish. 

“I’ll also carry a soft-sided collapsible water bottle that fits in my interior pocket so it takes less space when it’s empty.