Dope Store Doppelgangers

Dope Store Doppelgangers

Okay, maybe we’ve had a little too much ourselves. But we couldn’t help playing around with the names of our local weed shops, from how they got their monikers to what else they sound like.


Why the name? Other than being tangentially related to a “billow” of smoke, an agency came up with it back in the day

Confused on the Web With: Zillo (for buying edifices instead of edibles)

Movie: “Beautiful Billo,” a film made in 2022 featuring a pregnant Punjabi woman who lives in an empty house in the UK, with chaos ensuing when a newlywed couple moves into the same mansion.

Rhymes with: Pillow (what you put your head on after too much Indica)

Blue Heron

Why the name? “It’s a bird with significant spiritual meaning, in honor of friend Matt Lansing, who we lost far too early in life.”

Confused on the Web With: The bird, and Blue Heron Homes in Las Vegas. 

Movie: Blue Heron Films has produced and distributed several features, including Charlie’s Christmas Wish (Lionsgate), The Next 24 and The Vindication of Teri Horton.

Rhymes with: Glue Baron (which you might use to fix your bong)


Why the name? Named after the namesake plant its owners saw blowing across the highway when they moved west from Minnesota.

Confused on the Web With: Tiny Home company and Tex-Mex grill in Indiana

Movie: Tumbleweed, a 1953 American Western film  starring Audie Murphy, Lori Nelson and Chill Wills.

Rhymes with: Bumblebee (which might fly a little funny after sucking these flowers)

Golden Leaf

Why the name? Owner’s perogative

Confused on the Web With: Half marathon in Aspen

Movie: Gold Leaf TV series (based in Taiwan), James Bond’s Gold Finger and On Golden Pond

Rhymes with: Sold on spleef!


Why the name? A play on the word “cannabis”

Confused on the Web With: Anna, from Disney’s Frozen, and the good ol’ town of Anna, Texas 

Movie: 2019 action-thriller Anna, starring Sasha Luss as a government assassin (33% on Rotten Tomatoes)

Rhymes with: Nana (who was born way before cannabis became legal)