Catching Up with Billo Founder Paul Franklin

Billo dispensary in Steamboat Springs, CO

In the height of the pandemic, premium marijuana store Billo opened up a new retail location on the east end of the city, just as visitors come into town off Rabbit Ears Pass. We caught up with co-owner Paul Franklin about the new location, what’s new in weed and other random— er, nuggets—of wisdom.

How’s the new location working?

New location is great. Meeting lots of new customers both tourists and locals from this side of town. The easy in and out access is a huge plus.

Why is it better than where you were before?

Our loyal customers love not having to travel across town to our old location.  Yes, we probably lost a few customers from the west side of town but gained many from the east side.  The exposure is excellent.  Tourist coming into town from Rabbit Ears have no trouble finding us.

What can visitors find at Billo?

A clean professional environment with very knowledgeable budtenders. We strive to make our visitors comfortable, while educating them and supplying them with the best products available.

What else is new from Billo?

We placed second and third again in the state with our premium flower, so for two years running we’re producing Colorado’s best flower. There isn’t a ski mountain dispensary in Colorado, or anywhere for that matter, that can hold a candle to our product.

When did you move to Steamboat?

I first came here in 1998 for a visit and was immediately cursed by the valley. Then I moved here from Chicago in 2000 to develop Elkins Meadow and raise my two daughters.

What do you like about Steamboat?

The culture, the character and the endless outdoor activities. There is always something to do. If you’re bored in Steamboat you should probably move to New York City.

What’s better…your hockey shot or your hunting shot?

Without question, my hunting shot, whether it’s with a bow, black powder rifle or shotgun. But then again, that doesn’t say much; my hockey shot sucks.


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