Lunch on the Fly


We know you’re on the go. Oftentimes there’s not time to fit in that bike ride, float, hike, fly fish sesh and also stop for a sit-down lunch. We got you covered with a sampler of sammies you can grab and bring with, whether they’re crammed into your hydration or fanny pack. Besides…a little squishiness makes them even better. 

Steamboat Meat & Seafood

Steamboat Meat & Seafood sandwiches
Steamboat Meat & Seafood sandwiches

Serving the Yampa Valley for 40 years—whew, that’s a lot of sandwiches—Steamboat Meat & Seafood Co., with a deck right across Yampa Street from the river—is a longtime staple of the Steamboat sandwich scene. (Pull over tubing and grab one!) While its menu selection is tough to choose from, owner Bill Hamlin says their two bestsellers are Billy’s Italian Hoagie ($12.99), and their Jerk Chicken BLT ($11.99). For the former, try mortadella, salami, prosciutto, provolone, lettuce, tomato, red onion and herbs on a French baguette. “It’s all imported meats from Italy, so it’s great,” says Hamlin, adding that it comes on homemade bread.  

The ooo-la-la Jerk Chicken BLT ($11.99) is a tad spicy, coming with jerk-seasoned roasted Boar’s Head chicken breast, in-house maple-cured bacon, chipotle gouda (yes, you heard that right), sundried tomatoes, avocado, lettuce and Cajun mayo on a French baguette. And if you’re not planning too big of an outing, you could always try its Guido’s Sausage Sub—but it might be a bit messy in your pack. Bonus: Try a Grab n’ Go dinner, which come in microwaveable/ovenable containers. 


Yampa Sandwich Co.

The Ridgeline sandwich from Yampa Sandwich Co.
The Ridgeline sandwich from Yampa Sandwich Co.

“I hate this question,” says Yampa Sandwich Co. co-owner Dave Pepin. “I’m sooo not proud of our top-seller.” With that, the downtown sandwich slinger unequivocally heralds its Ridgeline (“Our rendition of a turkey club”) as head and shoulders above all other sammies in sales. “Our menu is so much more dynamic than this—but we could stay in business with that sandwich alone,” he says. “Straight or stoned, it’s our top-seller by far.”

The Ridgeline moves best at all five of its stores, including three in Denver and soon-to-be two in Fort Collins. “We do our analytics on it every month and it blows every other sandwich out of the water,” he says. “It haunts me every time, but it just shows you what people want.”

The key is its familiarity. The sandwich piles roasted turkey, cheddar, applewood-smoked bacon, avocado, tomato, romaine lettuce, and garlic mayo on homemade bread. And you can’t go wrong with turkey, bacon and avocado, Pepin says. “People see the menu and say, ‘What’s capocollo?’” he says. “They panic. But bacon, avocado and turkey are familiar.”

“A dispensary in Denver called in a $400 lunch order and more than half were for the Ridgeline,” he laments. “Our menu has something for everyone, but if that’s what gets people stoked, that’s what we’re all about.”




Cruisers, located between town and the mountain in Wild Horse Plaza, packs a punch for lunch, with healthy, heaping ingredients and hobo pricing. Its bestseller, says owner Kris Shea, and one that wins all the awards, is its Tortas Carnitas, piled high with house-marinated pulled pork, housemade chipotle aioli, fresh jalapenos, and melted sharp cheddar, all toasted to perfection. “It’s pretty unique—people seem to really like it,” says Shea, whose personal fave is the chicken salad sammie, adding bacon and jalapeños. “We don’t cut any corners—we use great ingredients and make everything with care.” 

Its Acai Bowls are also popular, but you’d be hard-pressed to take them on your ride—they might be a bit “oozy.” “People usually eat those here,” he says. “In the heat of summer, they’ll melt pretty quickly.” Bonus: Inside you’ll find some of the best surfing photos in town.970-879-1747,


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