8 Top Grillin’ Tips from 8th Street Steakhouse

8th Street Steakhouse

At 8th Street Steakhouse, there’s telling your waiter “medium-rare”; you get to cook your own meat, just how you like it. Of course, that also means there’s no one else to blame for your screw-ups. We got in touch with owner Tim Pahula for a few tips on cooking your own tenderloin or T-bone at 8th Street Steakhouse, where grillin’ fits right in with Swillin’ and Chillin’ (and use these tips on your own grill at home).

Grillin’ Tips:

  1. A good steak is hard to screw up (so no pressure), but start with a great piece of meat. We recommend one of our certified Angus steaks, Colorado Buffaloes, Wagyu Kobe Sirloins, 16 oz. USDA Prime New York Strips, or 18oz bone-in ribeyes.
  2. Let the steak come out of the fridge and come to room temperate (30 minutes if you have time).
  3. The best grill temperature is high heat, 450-550 degrees F. 
  4. Place it on the grill and season with some sea salt and cracked pepper. We also love pouring some of our homemade Teriyaki sauce on top. That’s all you need for a good steak.
  5. Keep it out of the flames, unless you want it “Pittsburgh Style.”
  6. Flip the steak only once per your desired temp (one flip is the key). Repeat seasoning with some more sea salt, cracked pepper, and our homemade teriyaki sauce.
  7. How to tell when it’s done: Our cooking chart shows recommended cooking times per side based on the cut and desired outcome. At home, use the finger test: Press your index finger against your other hand between the thumb and base of the palm—this is what raw feels like; press your pinky finger and thumb together and then, again with the opposite index finger, touch the fleshy area below the thumb again, this is well done; press your ring finger and thumb together and press—this is medium; use your middle finger and thumb for medium rare; use your index finger to thumb and touch this area for rare.
  8. Once done, let the steak sit 5 minutes before you cut in; resting lets the muscle fibers relax, for a juicier steak, and allows the juices to redistribute throughout the cut.

Tales of Wagyu Woe from the Steakhouse 

In his years manning the helm at 8th Street Steakhouse, owner Tim Pahula has seen it all. Following are a few of his more memorable moments seeing patrons tackle the grill. 

We had stand-up comedian, actor and TV host Bill Engvall come in the restaurant once and he had a blast. He had jokes for everyone as well as this famous quote: “Hi I’m Bill Engvall, this is the 8th Street Steakhouse and if you don’t eat here…here’s your sign!”

The staff always likes to guess what Billy Kidd is going to choose at the meat counter when he comes in with his Rolex crew every year. It used to be the Buffalo Ribeye, but lately he’s gone to the 8 oz. NY Strip

One time we had a guy who possibly got overserved cook a steak and a piece of salmon. He missed the step coming off the grill and both flew through the air, landing on the floor. He apparently was a believer in the five-second rule, since he just picked up and acted like it never happened. Another happy customer.

We’ve had people come in and meet other people at the grill, and then combine their tables and eat together…it actually happens quite a bit. People meet lifelong friends at the grill, and even plan ski trips together right there.

After the rodeo once we had a bull rider come in. He must have got bucked pretty hard…he had to have two other cowboys hold him up at the grill while he cooked. He was enjoying some Pendleton Whiskey for the pain.

Hunters love getting massive custom-cut steaks. They typically go for around a 24-ounce Ribeye, but I remember one guy polishing off a 40-oz ribeye…and yes, he ate the gristle, too, all you John Candy fans.

Kids love cooking the Texas toast at the grill…and parents don’t mind since there’s plenty. Better screwing up the toast than the steak.

People love sharing stories around the grill with the other grillers…favorite ski runs, hiking spots, all the fun things this area has to offer. It’s fun because they’re from all over the world and all walks of life.  

The steakhouse gets a little smokier between 4:30-6 p.m. every day, when people take advantage of one of the best happy hours in town and cooking 8-oz. steak burgers for only $6. But they’re pretty smokey.

Slogans: (from our GM Joel McComiskey)

Grilling and Chiling since the 80’S!

Don’t Drive By, Give us a Try!

After you Grill, Then you can Chill

Loved by Locals, tourists, and celebrities worldwide!

An iconic dining experience for over 30 years!

Celiac Safe – lots of gluten free options

sympathy for vegans

Carnivore’s safe space

Grab meat and use our heat

Best in the West

Rarely better, always well done

Cowboys choice pick

turn left on 8th for the best steak

8th St, where meat meets heat

Acronyms: (from GM Joel McComiskey)

S – Select, choose the perfect cut for you!

T – Temperature, how do you like you steak

E – Eat, enjoy your perfectly cooked steak

A – Appreciate, Pat yourself on the back, nice job!

K – Knowledge, these skills will be with you forever