Year of the Dork Line?

Dork Lines Steamboat style

If this season is anything like last year, expect to see a few tracks around town where you least expect them. A band of renegades regularly takes advantage of snowfall in town to leave their mark on run-of-the-mill hillsides, with last year starting out with a bang among dork line aficionados. “It was a great year for them,” says one anonymous follower of the cult. “They might be short, but oh so sweet.” Of course, before you go etching your mark in places like the rodeo seats off Howelsen, there are some unofficial caveats to the turns: They have to be highly visible; have longevity (i.e. don’t lay your tracks before a snowstorm that will cover them; wait for a good high-pressure system); and have at least a plural number of turns. And don’t trespass, as it might affect future royalties. 

Dork lines