Nuggets of Wisdom – Strains Explained

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Walk into a dispensary and the chortle choices can be as mindboggling as their effects. Behold: a cheat sheet in layman’s terms on what to expect (but ask your friendly budtender for more info): 

Indica: You’ve probably heard it, but the mnemonic device for remembering this one is “in the couch.” That’s where it often puts you. It provides a relaxing and calming high, or a “body high,” and is great for insomnia, stress, anxiety, pain and more. 

Sativa: This one provides an uplifting, cerebral high, or a “head high” (note: you’re still not as smart or funny as you think you are). Good for outdoor activities (but play it safe), creativity, listening to music, or even doing certain projects. We can’t think of a mnemonic device for this one. 

Hybrid: These cross-bred Indica and Sativa plants serve up a combined head and body high effect. Good for a lot of things, they can be weighted on either side of the equation.  

Top Sellers


Sativa: Lilac Diesel

THC: 26.48%

Indica: Slurri-Crasher (2nd place Rooster Cup 2021

THC: 21.7% 

Hybrid: Garlic Sherbet (1st place Rooster Cup 2020)

THC: 26.3% 

Golden Leaf

Sativa: White Fire

THC: 29.46%

Indica: Orange Cookie Kush 

THC: 33.5%

Hybrid: Party Animal

THC: 34.4%


Sativa: Mac N’Cheese

THC: 19.7%

Indica: Birthday Cake

THC: 19.3%

Hybrid: Walter White

THC: 26.43%

Blue Heron

Sativa: Joe Mama


Indica: Triangle Kush

THC: 25.5%

Hybrid: Apple Fritter

THC: 22%