CBD Massage


Want a massage that’s even more relaxing than usual? Consider getting a rub-down and deep tissue work enhanced with the benefits of CBD.

Several spas in town offer CBD massages and facials, bringing the soothing and healing properties of CBD to the massage table. “They’re very popular,” says Rocky Mountain Day Spa co-owner John Cardillo, crediting CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties and the high-quality relaxation it evokes. “We do a lot of them, especially in a town like this where everyone’s always recreating outside all the time.”

Cardillo adds they’ve seen great results with their clients incorporating CBD products into both their massages and facials. “It can help to calm nerves and works as an anti-inflamatory for those skier aches and pains,” he says, adding they use local company Lost Range for their massage products, which include CBD oil, salve, tinctures and bath salts—all handcrafted, small batch, high potency, third party tested, natural and sustainable. For their facials, he adds, they use Saint Jane products, which blend active florals in rich concentrates to deeply nourish skin. “Each formula is infused with carefully curated, meticulously high-quality ingredients,” he says. “Our CBD facials will calm, soothe, and brighten the most stressed complexions.”

Life Essentials Day Spa at 345 Lincoln Ave. also serves up a mean CBD massage, utilizing CBD oils to help ease anxiety, muscle soreness, aching joints, strained ligaments and more. “It’s a really big seller for us,” says owner Cassandra Marinez. “It’s our number one, biggest upgrade by far.” 

Life Essentials offers two types of CBD massages, including a Standard Massage with standard oil used over the full body and LE Signature 500mg CBD massage oil used only in areas of discomfort; and its Ultimate CBD Massage, which utilizes LE Signature 500mg CBD massage oil over the full body with LE Signature 1,000mg CBD Salve used in areas of discomfort. Life Essentials created its own formula with a local CBD provider for the treatments. “It works great for any type of inflammation and pain relief,” she adds. “It also relaxes you more so we can get deeper into the muscle tissue.” 

The key, she adds, is educating customers about it. “We know how to talk to our clients and teach them about it,” she says. “That’s a big part of it—explaining that it’s non-psychoactive while going into its other benefits, especially with any type of issue or ailment they might be having. People here are always doing activities that make them sore, from skiing to biking, and it’s definitely great for that.”