Mustache Mayhem

Steamboat Springs Mustache Ride

Cue up your best Tom Selleck or Ted Lasso. Steamboat’s own Mustache Ride is back with its quirky, facial hair flair, taking place Saturday, Oct. 1 (giving those of you struggling with lip fur plenty of time to prepare). A fundraiser for the Routt County Humane Society celebrating all things bicycle and follicle, the event shows that Steamboat riders have both panache and ‘stache—for a day at least, more than most any other mountain town. What started as a fun pub crawl among friends has morphed into a whimsical, costumed and mustachioed bar-hopping, charity bike ride through town. Each year’s ride lures as many as 500 riders and raises upwards of $15,000 in donations—as well as the eyebrows of un-mustachioed onlookers. Bonus: Donate early and receive a special ‘Stache Card from sponsors for one free drink from sponsored locations.