Inside The Press

The Press in Steamboat Springs C0.

It’s previous tenant may have stopped the presses, but nothing’s stopping The Press from becoming one of town’s hottest live music bars. It might be small and unassuming on the outside, but The Press at 1009 Lincoln Ave. downtown, home of the former newspaper, is an unsung hero when it comes to live tunes and camaraderie. What looks like could be another art gallery or retail store is actually a hopping bar sporting up-close-and-personal live tunes, comedy acts, open mics and more most every weekend night.

And it’s getting even better, with a May renovation shortening and moving the bar to create a bigger stage and more audience room.

“We’re a great music venue,” says Ed Andreoni, who purchased it in 2018 and is shooting for live music every Thursday through Sunday this summer, with comedy acts on Tuesdays. “People can get super close to the bands.”

Credit also the acts he’s able to lineup, including the likes of country music legend Mark D. Sanders this summer. “The Texas Music Fest has helped a ton,” he says. “Word has gotten out in Austin and Nashville, with bands from those areas now playing here.”  

“We love playing there,” says blues guitarist John Lupori of the Brian Smith Band. “The sound’s good and it’s close-quartered so it’s easy to interact with the audience.” 

Brian Smith Band

Libation-wise, The Press serves up cocktails, wine and a variety of beer on tap, including two Storm Peaks, two from Yampa valley Brewing Co., and two from Palisade Brewing Co., “which all sell pretty equally,” he says. Use it to wash down food you can bring over from the MeatBar by Laura the Butcher next door. Swillin’ fave: the Meatcone, featuring, jamon Iberico, Spanish chorizo, Manchego, pickle stick and picos camperos crackers—just be prepared to pass it around the dance floor and even to the band.  Info:


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