GRVL Gallop

Steamboat gravel bike race SBT GRVL

Draft horses

Let’s just go ahead and call it a sufferfest. What else would you call racing 142 miles, 100 of them on gravel, with 9,400 feet of climbing? But some people like pain and with its 3,000 spots selling out in minutes, August’s SBT GRVL race, presented by Canyon Bicycles, is one the largest cycling events in the country, drawing riders this year from 14 countries. (Lauren De Crescenzo won it for the women in 6:45:36, with Alex Howes taking it for the men at 6:19:44.) But what got us grinnin’ at Swillin’ was the chaos created by some of the “crowd.” Near Fetcher Ranch in north Routt County, a few horses apparently broke lose and began pacing the bikers. “Some of them got out and ran alongside them,” says one onlooker. No word on if the riders were able to draft them. 

Steamboat gravel bike race SBT GRVL finish line


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