Town’s Top Off-the-Wall Pizzas

Mountain Tap Pesca pizza
Mountain Tap Pesca pizza

We all know the typical pepperoni and mushroom, sausage and onion or, heaven forbid, vegetarian pizza orders. But what about the more obscure, creative ones that get served up in Steamboat? Here’s a sampling (sorry, Domino’s): 

Brooklynns Pizzeria

The Max: Count a whopping 10 toppings on this monster refueler, a hand-tossed masterpiece of pepperoni, Canadian bacon, mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, black olives, Italian sausage, tomatoes, extra cheese and anchovies (upon request)…and that’s not counting its traditional red Italian, sauce and unique blend of mozzarella. Real hungry? Get the Monster size. 

Clyde’s Pies

Clydes Peach pizza
Clyde’s Pies Peach pizza

Palisade Peach/Goat Cheese: Offered seasonally, the Palisade Peach from Clyde’s is a summer medley of a pizza, including not only its namesake Palisade peaches, but also crema sauce, honey goat cheese, basil chifonade, roasted pine nuts, prosciutto and balsamic glaze. It all adds up to a pie with a tinge of the taste of summer, all from its wood-fired oven in the alleyway of Steamboat Commons. “We wouldn’t necessarily classify it as weird, but more eclectic,” says Clyde’s Kyle Nelson. “Our Palisade Peach should be world famous—sweet and savory, so good.”

How Ya’ Doin

Lobstah Bubblah: Lobster, chicken tenders, cream cheese and a menagerie of innovative names to match, How Ya Doin (try to say that without impersonating Joey from “Friends”) boasts a wide variety of creative “Specialty Pies” in 10-inch sizes. Our two faves: Sink your claws into its Lobstah Bubblah (lobster, bacon, garlic butter sauce, mozzarella, parmesan, tomato, basil); or Daniel’s White Gold (mozzarella, cream cheese, sausage, caramelized onions, spinach, white sauce). The list of pizzas and their respective toppings is pretty darn extensive. 

Blue Sage

The Godfather: With a list of over 20 possible toppings and ingredients, Blue Sage Pizzeria leaves food creativity largely in the hands of its patrons. That’s not to say it doesn’t offer its own vibrant and varied options like “The Godfather,” topped in white sauce, spinach, tomatoes and chicken, available in a medium 14 inch and a monster 18. Just don’t leave half of it on your pillow in bed (for all you “Godfather” fans). 

Corner Slice

Buff Chick: So its name might not be entirely PC. But the pizza certainly is. Ski fast, eat pizza is the motto at Corner Slice, which carries over into summer for other outdoor pursuits. This baby comes with toppings like buffalo sauce ranch drizzle, blue cheese and chicken. Looking for something a bit greener? Try the Veg Head, with more veggies than Natty G’s. 

Mountain Tap

Pesca: While Mountain Tap admits it “doesn’t really do any off-the-wall/zany pies” (“Our chef and his team would never even think of suggesting a pizza with pineapple or jalapeños,” says co-owner Wendy Tucciarone), it veers that way with its Pesca, its most popular summer ‘za. The reason harkens to the Allman Brothers’ “Eat a Peach” album: “It features fresh peaches from Davis Family Farm in Palisade, pancetta, garlic, Calabrian chilies, Grana Padano cheese, basil, white sauce and a drizzle of beer glaze—a sweet and savory beer reduction,” she says. “It hits the menu as soon as Lance from Davis starts delivering to the Farmers Market in early June. It’s an amazing symphony of flavors ranging from the fresh and sweet peaches to savory pancetta.” Looking for something with a local feel? Try the Wapiti, topped with elk sausage, roasted corn, red bell pepper, red and green onion, garlic, parmesan and San Marzano tomato sauce, which will leave you bugling in a rut for more. 

Otto Pint

Hot Momma/Spicy Papa: These two distinctly named ‘zas are memorable in flavor and title. The Hot Momma is exactly that: hot. With honey Sriracha, jalapeños and chili flakes spicing up fresh mozzarella, bacon and chicken breast, it’s not for the faint of heart or taste bud. Or try the toned down Spicy Papa, whose marinara, mozzarella curd, cream cheese, pepperoni, jalapeños and pineapple won’t melt your mouth.


Florentine: As a part of Mazzola’s “designer pies” that come with a gluten-free crust option, it’s no surprise that the Florentine has ricotta cream, artichoke, spinach, chicken, red peppers and mozzarella as a part of its unique, across-the-Atlantic flavor. You’re guaranteed to be saying “Molto Bono!” after every bite. 


The Forager: Reminiscent of a romp through deep woods, The Forager offers a natural and nature-based theme of toppings that set it apart from others. Including assorted mushrooms, broccolini, caramelized onion, taleggio, mozz, garlic, truffle oil, and eggs, this pizza pays homage to the deep woods surrounding Steamboat and offers a unique flavor scheme. Consider sampling the 12-inch small, or go all-in with a 16. 

Beau Jo’s

Hamburger/Sausage Combo: Cow connoisseurs rejoice. With Beau Jo’s offering a “choice of hamburger” with pizza sauce, it might be confusing that the Hamburger or Sausage Combo is, in fact, a pizza. Offering hamburger and sausage as separate options as well as a combo, this carnivore’s favorite is topped with additional pepperoni—as well as a few vegetables, including red onions, green peppers and mushrooms—with wholesome whole milk mozzarella cheese to glue it all together. 


The Quattro Formaggio: Say cheese, please. This four-cheese classic is a brick oven ‘za that delivers on exactly what its name promises. With traditional mozzarella layered with additional fontina, parmesan and goat cheese, it’s a dairy delight, offering a new take on an old, tried-and-true “just cheese” formula.


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