Muffpot Meals

Muff Pot Meal

Despite their noise, snowmobilers are actually a rather culinary—and imaginative—bunch. Want proof? Consider the following “muff pot” meals they often cook on the trail, leaving a trail of smells along with their tracks.

What’s a muff pot?

A Dutch Oven-type baking pan designed to cook food on top of a snowmobile’s muffler. Simply attach the Original Muffpot, made from food-grade heat-resistant 300 stainless steel, to your exhaust, and enjoy your ride while your meal cooks. It can be a cooker or warmer, depending on how close it’s placed to the engine. The closer, the hotter, getting up to 425 degrees F. (or as low as 200). Cooking time and temperature vary depending on the vehicle, and how long and hard you’ve been riding (hint: keep your gloves on when removing).

Akin to an electric table-top stove/burner, it can cook about anything, from fried chicken and baked potatoes to beef stew, burritos, hot dogs, pulled pork and more. Yes, and even fry bacon on the go. “Muff pot hot dogs have always been the go-to for my group of friends,” says aficionado Julia Hebard. “We’ve also made muff pot lasagna and muff pot burritos—basically anything that you can reheat works great.” Info: