Go Ahead…Make My Day

Back Door Grill's Dirty Harry hamburger
Back Door Grill's Dirty Harry hamburger

Inside Back Door Grill’s Dirty Harry

After a hard-fought day schussing the slopes or riding local trails, nothing replenishes the fuel tank like a good ol’ burger, with just the right blend of protein, carbs and, yes, grease. Steamboat’s own Back Door Grill puts out one of the country’s best, as evidenced in its recent listing of Top Ski Town Burgers by Men’s Journal, which combed resorts coast to coast for the tastiest — and weirdest — beef between two buns. 

Of course, the hardest part is getting through the all-natural Colorado beef menu; it can be as tough as negotiating your way through the aspen trees in Shadows or the rocks in the Yampa River. Let’s see…the Mahalo with pineapple and Swiss cheese, the Twilight Zone with cheddar, bacon, creamy Sriracha and peanut butter, or the How Ya’ Doin’? with cream cheese, jalapeno jelly and bacon. And the Buzz Lightyear, with bacon, avocado, Swiss and a fried egg, is its best seller, moving more than 20,000 a year. 

But then your eyes settle on the Dirty Harry, featuring peanut butter, a fried egg, hashbrowns and cheddar cheese on, yes, a glazed doughnut with powdered sugar. 

“People order it because it’s different and a little funky,” says Gabriel Sanchez, who is how heading up Back Door’s new grass-fed foray into Ft. Collins (yes, bringing Steamboat’s goodness to the Front Rangers). “They say, ‘Wow, what? It comes on a donut?’” 

And this summer, look for a newly revamped menu with even different, zanier offerings. Bonus: Take your eyes off the Dirty Harry for a second and try to count the dirty dollar bills tacked to the walls. www.thebackdoorgrill.com