Outhouse Accolades

downtown public bathroom

Gotta’ take a downtown dump (or tinkle)? You could do a lot worse than the new public restroom on Seventh Street. Believe it or not, the bathroom earned a berth in the 2021 America’s Best Restroom Contest, put on by Ohio cleaning supply company Cintas, whose staff chose 10 nominations based on cleanliness, aesthetics, comfort level, location and more. Part of the city’s $2.5 million Butcherknife Floodplain Improvements Project, the restroom features year-round indoor heating, cool architecture and the sound of a babbling brook. Alas, nepotism notwithstanding, the top accolades went to Ohio’s Two Cities Pizza, which won $2,500 in Cintas products and services and a coveted spot in the America’s Best Restroom Hall of Fame.


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