Mountain Town Marketing

Bar U Eat

Yep, only in a ski town will you find such straight, to-the-point marketing like energy bar company BarUEat debuts on its packaging for such concoctions as its Peanut Cherry bar. Look closely and you’ll read, “According to a study done by someone somewhere, nobody actually reads this part of the packaging so here’s a totally random fact for you…” Then it goes onto list such ditties as “Cows moo with regional accents; Howdy-Moo, partner!”; “A cat once co-authored an influential physics paper on atomic behavior. His name was Chester”; “The planet of Uranus was originally named George”; “A buttload is a real unit of measurement; it’s roughly 126 gallons of wine. We don’t recommend consuming a buttload of wine.” 

“We’re just a couple of guys running a humble granola bar business on a mission to make a real impact in a super unsustainable CPG industry,” says co-founder

Jason Friday. “It’s a serious mission, but we try to maintain a small company vibe and inject as much of our own stupid, fun-loving personality into the company as we can. We live here to play outside, have fun, and enjoy life to the fullest. I’d like to think that our products carry some of that in them.”