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Tahona Mi Amor, Truffle Pig

Tahona Mi Amor from Truffle Pig

Truffle Pig general manager Mark Stanford cranks out 30 different craft cocktails at the Pig, including several high-profile award winners. A couple of his faves include their top-selling Smoked Old Fashioned, made from their own barrel of Knob Creek bourbon, which won first place in the People’s Choice category of Knob Creek’s Repeal Day competition in Denver; and their second-best-selling tequila cocktail, Tahona Mi Amor, which won third in a prestigious competition at the Patron Hacienda in Jalisco, Mexico. “We used our own proprietary barrel as the base spirit, Patron Roca Anejo, with absinthe, a homemade Mexican mole bitter, fresh coconut cream, Licor 43 and more,” he says. “It’s a pretty popular order.”

Fiery Margarita, The Laundry

Fiery Margarita, The Laundry

A perennial winner of town’s Best Craft Cocktail award, the Fiery margarita from The Laundry blends just the right amount of spice, Sauza, citrus, sweet and salt to leave you craving another. And another. Concocted by head barkeep Tod “JJ” Johnson, it’s not fair to say it came to him in his sleep, but close enough. “It was invented at 3 a.m.,” he says, highlighting its high-quality Sauza tequila infused with garlic, red and green peppers, jalapeno and habanero for the perfect balance of heat and sweet. He also Dr. Jekylls the restaurant’s best-seller with fresh-squeezed lime and orange juice as well as a homemade cilantro/lemongrass simple syrup, with just a splash of Triple Sec.

Le Recipe:

1.5 oz. pepper-infused silver tequila

½ oz. cilantro/lemongrass simple syrup

1 oz. fresh-squeezed lime juice

¾ oz. fresh-squeezed orange juice

¾ oz. Triple Sec

Serve with salted rim and lime

Biggest Marg in Town? Fiesta Jalisco’s Cadillac

Fiesta Jalisco’s

Cadillacs are big cars, and the large-sized Cadillac margarita from Fiesta Jalisco (and sister restaurant, Vaqueros) lives up to its billing. While the Mexican joint has 13 different margaritas to choose from — including the Red Bull margarita (for millennials?) and the Millionaire margarita, made with Don Julio “1942 Añejo” tequila —the Cadillac comes with Sauza Hornitos, fresh cranberry and orange juice, and is topped with Grand Marnier. Want to go Supersize? Try the pitcher.