Bartender Profile: Brittany Kohler — Slopeside Grill

Bartender Profile - Brittany Kohler
Bartender Profile - Brittany Kohler

One of Slopeside’s familiar faces, Brittany Kohler has a way of bringing people together.

“Most of us don’t have biological families out here, so we’ve created our own,” Kohler says.

Belly up to the bar where they know you by name. When walking into one of Steamboat’s quintessential bars, the infectious enthusiasm and sidesplitting laugh of Brittany Kohler is there to greet you.

“Happiness is contagious,” says Brittany Kohler, local bartender and friendly face behind one of Steamboat’s quintessential bars, Slopeside Grill.

“I like to have a good time and hope that allows others to have a good time right along with me,” she says. “In this line of work, your attitude makes the difference.”

For Kohler, originally from Alton, Illinois, the hospitality business has always been second nature. Her bartending roots started in 2011 at “The Loading Dock,” her late grandfather’s regional staple in Grafton, Illinois, after being honorably discharged from the Marine Corps. Coming from a big family, Kohler moved to Steamboat in the fall of 2016 and started working at Slopeside three years later, quickly becoming part of its family in roles from server manager. She also helps run the Warhorse Ranch equine therapy program, which offers horse therapy sessions for those dealing with trauma.

Bartending has been her forte for the last three years, which she says is “right down my alley.”

“I love people,” she says. “I pull people out of their shells and make friends anytime, anywhere.”

Her favorite part about working at Slopeside? The locals and regulars, reliving “the good ol’ days” of Steamboat. “I love bringing people together,” she says. “Everyone has a unique story to tell.”

Brittany’s Sloper Picks

Billy’s Blueberry Lemonade

“This signature cocktail is probably my most suggested and the prettiest on our menu— because, yes, that absolutely matters. We use Stoli Blueberry and club soda with a splash of lemon juice and add the blueberries, giving the drink a beautiful purplish color. The presentation oftentimes grabs the attention of others nearby and compels them to try it.” 

Lemon Bruise 

“I’m not typically one to choose gin, but our Lemon Bruise is one of my all-time favorites and I always get positive feedback. We use Hendricks gin mixed with club soda, a splash of lemon juice, and a St. Germaine floater. That last step is the anchor and excellent after a day outside.”

Chai Chatta

“I love me some Chai tea! Even more so when liquor is involved. It’s as simple as Steamboat Roasters coffee, RumChata, and 477 Distilling Chai Spirit. I’ve only heard positive feedback on this one. Add whip cream for extra sweetness. It’s warm, boozy, and caffeinated—what more could you ask for?”