2023/24 Breweries’ Best-selling Beers

Mountain Tap Locals Lager IPA
Mountain Tap Locals Lager IPA

Stuck on what to order at your favorite brewery in town? Why not go with what sells the best at each, to blend in with the crowd? Behold, our Swillin’ sampler:

Mountain Tap

At Mountain Tap, co-owner Wendy Tucciarone says, “Our best-selling beer is the one we’re out of!” All kidding aside, its top-seller is its aptly named Locals’ Lager. “It pairs great with everything – biking, surfing, skiing, snowman-building, you name it,” she says, of which her and husband Rich do it all. “Not to mention our pizzas and salads. Locals like that there is a beer named after them, and visitors like to drink what locals drink.” By style, she adds, IPA is their most popular, with three or four on-tap at any time. 

Storm Peak Brewing Co.

Storm Peak Maestro beer
Storm Peak Maestro

A maestro is a “a great or distinguished figure in any sphere.” For Storm Peak, that applies to its best-selling Maestro IPA. “It’s a West Coast-style IPA with citrus and tropical flavored hops,” says co-owner Wyatt Patterson, a maestro himself when it comes to brewing. “It’s nicely balanced and super flavorful without being aggressively bitter or malty.” Savor hints of flaked wheat, Munich and caramel malts, which provide a sticky base for this IPA heavily hopped with Citra and Chinook.

Mahogany Ridge Brewery & Grill

“Alpenglow has been our best seller for almost 30 years now,” says Mahogany owner Charlie Noble, of the brewha which, at first, was a winter beer brewed as a “strong ale.” “At the time, people were used to typical American lagers which were about 4%ABV. We brewed Alpenglow to about 6%, which caught some people by surprise. It’s not as strong as other styles out there but it’s still up there.” Its appeal, he adds, comes from its malty (sweet) character. “IPAs are too bitter for many people,” he says. “Alpenglow is more balanced, leaning toward the malty sweet side but also with some aromatic malts to keep it from being too sweet. It appeals to a wider variety of customers. It’s that middle of the road amber ale that most people are looking for—full flavored but not too heavy.”

Yampa Valley Brewery

Blondes might have more fun but at Yampa Valley Brewery, Space Dog IPA brings in more funds. Space Dog is its top-seller, says sales manager Chris Hoak, closely followed by its crisp Yampa Valley Blonde (which is “sweetened with local honey and just the right amount of bitterness”). “Space Dog is a classic West Coast IPA with bold hop flavors and a touch of citrus undertones that poke through. People love it.”