Mountain Town Tequila

Danos Dangerous Infusion Tequila
Danos Dangerous Infusion Tequila

Who would think that a tiny little hamlet like Steamboat would harbor not one, but two boutique tequila brands making agave waves amongst aficionados? But that’s indeed the case, with both Dangerous Dan’s and American Woman teeing up top-shelf tequila straight out of the ‘Boat.  

Dano’s Dangerous Tequila (and New Coffee Reposado!)

Local Dan Thompson (Dano, as he’s known) is a four-decade local who’s worked as both custom home builder and cowboy. But now, with partner Chris Timmerman, he’s known for his Dano’s Dangerous Tequila (AKA Dangerous Dan’s). Peligroso! It all started when he began infusing 100% agave tequila with pineapple and jalapeño, which gained a quick local following. Then, in Mexico, they met with Silvia Reyes of family-owned Hacienda de Reyes, the second-oldest tequila maker in the world, which fine-tuned the infusion and distributed it under the Dano’s label. Its blanco, reposado and añejo has gone arriba ever since, winning “Best Anejo” in the world in the San Francisco World Spirits Competitions and available in 48 states. And new this year is its Coffee Reposado Tequila, made with organic coffee beans and rested nine months. “We use the hacienda’s old traditional methods, hand-crafting it in small batches, growing our own agave, roasting it in stone ovens, distilling it in handmade, copper pot stills, and aging it in virgin, white American oak barrels,” says Timmerman, also touting its top-selling Pineapple & Jalapeno Fresh Fruit Infusion. “Every part of the process is done by hand.”

Danos Dangerous Infusion Tequila
Danos Dangerous Infusion Tequila

Dangerous Dano’s Winter Paloma 

2 oz. Dano’s Blanco

2 oz. cranberry juice

1 oz. pomegranate juice

Top with soda water, garnish with a lime

American Woman Whiskey Launches Tequila

“Mujer Americana” is the name of a new tequila launched by Steamboat’s American Woman Spirit Co., which is entering the agave market with its new Tequila Blanco, Reposado and Anejo from Jalisco, Mexico. “It’s made from the best blue weber agave plants with a unique process that uses less energy and water,” says owner and blues guitarist John Lupori. “Then we age it in our whiskey barrels to combine American Woman Whiskey with Mujer Americana Tequila.” Joining the company’s American Woman Straight Bourbon and Special Release Rye, Mujer Americana Tequila also gives back to the National Association of Woman Artists. Que bueno!

Tequila Types

Silver: Clear and the most popular, silver tequila is only aged for a few months, with the time to develop the color and characteristics of a longer aging process. It tastes sweeter, with a refreshing, smooth finish, and is great for cocktails.

Anejo: Rich,- full-bodied and caramel colored, Anejo is aged one to three years and is recommended for sipping; a great choice to toast the day’s sweet turns. 

Reposado: Aged anywhere from two to 11 months, Reposado has a smooth, even finish. It’s less harsh on the tongue and won’t give you as strong as a hangover for hitting that powder day.