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Tapping into town’s breweries; of supping and suds with Mountain Tap founder Rich Tucciarone; local distillery wins awards; bartenders you should know; and featured cocktails.

Mountain Tap Locals Lager IPA

2023/24 Breweries’ Best-selling Beers

Stuck on what to order at your favorite brewery in town? Why not go with what sells the best at each, to blend in with the crowd? Behold, our Swillin’ sampler: Mountain Tap At Mountain Tap,...
Primrose Barkeep Chris Simpson

Know Your ‘Tender: Primrose Barkeep Chris Simpson

S&C: How'd you end up in Steamboat?  I’m from Houston, Texas, originally, but came here in 2009 after a summer at Lake McDonald Lodge in Glacier National Park. I went on a bit of a...
Truffle Pig Tequila Dinner Corazon tequila

Inside the Truffle Pig Tequila Dinner

National Tequila Day July 24! Call it Tequila University…right here in Steamboat.  What better way to celebrate National Tequila Day on July 24 (yes, there is such a thing) than by heading to Truffle Pig for...
people enjoying happy hour at the top of the Steamboat Springs gondola

Off-beat Happy Hours

Sure, the regular Happy Hour haunts are great and all, but how about some that are a little different than all the others? Following is a non-run-of-the-mill roundup of Happy Hours around town that...
Bartender Profile - Brittany Kohler

Bartender Profile: Brittany Kohler — Slopeside Grill

One of Slopeside’s familiar faces, Brittany Kohler has a way of bringing people together. “Most of us don’t have biological families out here, so we’ve created our own,” Kohler says. Belly up to the bar where...

Ski-themed Brewhas

Suds for schussing There’s a growing trend among craft breweries, particularly those in mountain towns, to brew ski-themed beers—and Steamboat is no exception. And why not? The catchy names make drinking, and brewing, them all...
Barrilito Sour rum drink

Two rum cocktails to get your alpenglow on

Yum, Yum, Summer Rum Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of … Go ahead and fill in the blank with the following two concoctions courtesy of our friends at Barrilito Rum for your summertime Swillin’ pleasure.   Barrilito...
Four Points lodge Steamboat Springs CO

Inside…Four Points Infamous Bloody Mary

Careful with this one or you’ll end up taking that last gondo car down. Four Points, whose namesake lift was named when ski area pioneers John Fetcher and Gordy Wren spotted a four-point buck while...
Sunpies bartenders

Bartender Profile: Jesse Brucato, Sunpies Bistro

 Know Your Tender By Emma Wilson A good time is all but guaranteed when bartender Jesse Brucato, of Sunpies Bistro, walks in the door. After a decade as a diligent Sunpies patron, Jesse graduated to bartender...

Dive Bar Spotlight: Sunpies Bistro

Maybe it’s the blue, headache-causing Hurricanes. Maybe it’s the Cheers-like bar inside (where everybody knows your shame). Maybe it’s the riverside tables, where you can watch tubers and paddleboarders swim by. Maybe it’s even...
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